3 Things I Love About Photography

It’s been about 33 years since I first picked up the camera. In the beginning, it felt like every week my Mom was taking a roll of film to the local Meijer’s grocery store in Michigan for development. Over the years photography has become a big part of my daily life. 

Photography started out as a hobby taking photos of my childhood cat named Mittens to dressing up my neighbors in handmade Egyptian costumes and photographing them in my backyard. Decades later– crazy to say, here are three things I love about photography: 

  1. Seeing the smile on someone’s face when I see the photo I’ve taken of them. 
  2. Providing someone with an heirloom piece of art or photograph that will be around for at least 100 years. 
  3. Connecting with diverse people and learning from them through my lens


Jessica Militello looking through the camera lens in Ventura, CA

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